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“…You see all the red flags early on in a relationship, but you’re so in denial, you think: ‘Red! Red is great! Red is the color of love!’

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Take me

….to the old library in your home town. We will leaf through frail pages and trace the faded photographs of your ancestors with our fingers. We will sit down in a fort of books and journals pulled from the shelves and search through forgotten family trees and piece together untold stories. We will imagine what our lives would be like in those sepia tone years, how our days would be filled with work and fresh air, and our nights — with candlelight and barefooted siblings and freshly baked bread. We will find your namesake in a crumbling tome.

….to the bridge above the city on a moonless night. We will rise above the traffic and the taxis darting through the dark like so many fireflies among sleeping skyscrapers. We will watch the water of the river below us ripple and fall still in the breeze. We’ll look up at the stars and make up constellation names the way the ancients used to, connecting mythical beings to human fates born under their dim glow. We’ll write ourselves into the story of a star and float upwards, stretching our hands out until we touch the sky.

….to your windowsill, both of us breathless after a kiss so long and tight that all the air leaves our lungs. We will wrap ourselves in blankets and climb up into the window, nesting in that portal between the entirety of the world outside and your bed, still warm, where our shadows now stretch. We will share a cigarette from a pack your brother left behind, dangling our bare feet, our toes touching, unable to let go. We will feel innocent and young, like high schoolers drowning in new love, all the roads and possibilities still open, twinkling ahead of us and calling forth.

….to an island in the north, where fir trees and winds rule the landscape and the sea is onion-green and wild. We will come by boat and gather driftwood for a totem pole you want to build, and make a fire out of bark and pine cones. You will take the dog out for an early morning walk in the fog and come back hours later with a new song you wrote among the pines. I’ll make the coffee on a rusty stove and curl up on the porch, a ball of wool and fleece and notebooks on the mossy logs, writing a story that can only be told in a place like this, where the air is cold and filled with smoke and seaweed and your music drifting in the morning wind.

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There is a deep, mute despair beneath the innermost of the soul’s seals. You pick at the skin until it gives way, parting to reveal flesh, then bone, then nothing. There is no way inside, no way to operate on this invisible disease, hidden so far beyond your reach that even your own memories have forgotten their way there.

You are a vast emptiness, a word for the feeling of having no words.

You give up words for visions: a sea of pink elephants swimming amidst the rising sun; impending apocalypse; a dozen photos of the sunset spread out on a bed; a panic attack over time zones away; an old envelope filled with a moment, a breath, a key; the sounds of enormous flying whales, their wings flapping, flapping, moving higher and higher, and taking you up up up beyond air beyond sound beyond life to somewhere that never existed but matters more than anything that ever has.

Truth is not words, not being friends — truth is us right now, driving together at night in a fast-moving car in complete intense silence.

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Cast away

You put a spell on me. Not with your words, which self-destruct like coded spy notes. Not with promises made in a haze of smoke and ice cubes cracking in your whiskey, which melt away with morning fog at first sunlight. Not with your lips, which are greedy and selfish, which pull me in, your stubble scratching my skin and your tongue rough, like a cat’s. Not with your eyes, which pierce and enchant, then look away when my own rise to meet them. Not with your music, which randomly shuffles into my life, usurping the soundtrack of my moments, disrupting the equilibrium of my thoughts, beating along with the throbbing of old wounds, as if your pulse is the same as mine, our blood flowing as one.

But that night, as we walked through the city of a million strangers and a dozen friends, you took my hand and held it so gently, so surely, never letting it go. You held my hand and I floated over the cobblestones, higher and higher, in disbelief and enchantment, joining the blossoms soaring in the city’s winds.

And then the night was over, and the day came, and the next, and I’m still here, floating with the fallen flowers and the plastic bags and the stray feathers, lost and off-course, getting stuck on branches and lampposts before the wind gusts rip me off and carry me higher still, possessed by the memory of your hand holding mine.

Where are you now that I am so high above, spell-bound and cursed, no longer even human, not knowing how to bring you up to me or how to come back down?

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Not for us 

Writing and deleting. Minimizing and re-opening programs. None of this is worth it. Neither you nor I. Just a spec of dust on a spec of dust on a spec of dust on the great open plains of the universe.

3,000 years from now, when the nuclear-enhanced cockroaches evolve into a highly civilized society, some rogue team of nuclear-enhanced roach archeologists is going to dig out a couple of badly erroded database servers labelled “WordPress” from one of the great ancient pre-nuclear-cockroach-era craters. They’ll spend some 20 years more figuring out how to decode the binary code into ancient English and that into Modern Nuclear-Enhanced Cockroachese. And then they’re going to collectively wonder what on earth we were thinking, recording utter drivel on those silly primitive discs. Especially on April 17th, 2015 of the pre-nuclear-cockroach-era, when our efforts could have been much better spent offline, preventing the inevitable extermination of the species and overall-type apocalypse. And then they’re going to have a good, hard, nuclear-enhanced laugh, and thank us for that nuclear part of the deal.

Just remember who you’re writing this for. It isn’t for us.

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Where the song ends

You’re walking, fast, a feverish drumming of foot in front of foot, a rhythmic solo taking you around the corner. You’re on a drunken mission, a daredevil escape from and fueled by an imaginary madness. Streetlights blink in perfect synchrony; bicycle bells are xylophones, car alarms are the brass section. Your vision’s blurring — senses are dulling down to allow the haphazard orchestra of interchanging city streets its life. 

Your mind — my magnet of a black hole, my broken hadron collider — is exploding and imploding at the same time. You’re thinking in snowstorms, fires, and tsunamis to the soundtrack of Bach, performed by shutting doors, flicking lighters and clinking shot glasses. You’re thinking anywhere but here, anything but this.

Cell phones join the truck horn and the sound of my stilettoes hitting the sidewalk to form a crescendo as you hop over the fence and land to a screeching silence. This is when the clocks of us I used to wind stop ticking. This is where your own 639 year old melody begins. This is where your beautiful, broken mind and the tsunamis of its fiery pathways take off on a journey to the stars, ripping the moon to shreds on their way out of orbit. This is where my song ends and this is where you and the snowstorms of your indifference and the scalding vortexes of your passion leave the world, and on it, me.