all, thoughts

Go on.

The holidays. The weather. The lack of sunlight. Friends, family, bosses, clients, coworkers, lovers and exes and would-be lovers and would-be exes. Ourselves. Everything. It’s so easy to get depressed, overwhelmed, hurt, lonely, angry and annoyed at everything right now. But this is us operating, seeing and thinking in linear, limited ways.

And nothing is linear. We are intricate, multidimensional creatures and the world around us is a complicated prism of lights and smoke and mirrors. Nothing is simple. Nothing is black and white.

Tis the season to remember to step back and see everything and everyone from a different angle, and from another one, and again, and again, as long as it takes to put it all in its full, proper context. And then to step outside of our own limited bubble of thoughts and actions, to turn the prismatic mirror onto ourselves and to try to grasp how others perceive us.

This is what I keep reminding myself: Step back. Breathe. This is all temporary. We are bigger than this. I am bigger than this. We are the universe, and the universe doesn’t get sad or angry. The universe simply goes on.


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