all, inspiration

a far and pure wilderness

We used to call them headtrips
when the sunlight on the grass
in all its pure intensity
struck us into resonance;
breathing in its vibration
I was on a high
self opening with you
learning the first flush of
beauty in the grass
before our wonderful families
drove us to weed or hash,
before the first psychedelics,
before even the first comings
of puberty stung and strung us up
into the Teendom of Cool that was still
as interesting as dysentery.
This was letting the ocean
of the atmosphere pour through my eyes
and through my brain and lungs
till my tongue could translate sky —
like the day I felt your spirit reach out
like an actual body to another
like one wave tapping its brother
and I was shocked
to see you still over there
in a sky place in your mind
smiling like “I’m not coming down”
and you waited so patiently till I followed you.

— Jeff Loo, 1999


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