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As a writer, an artist, a musician, a man, these are your enemies:

  • procrastination
  • self-doubt
  • obligation
  • perfectionism
  • judgmentalism

You make these creatures all on your own, working hard to craft them in your head, laboring quietly behind the scenes, carving every detail to be perfectly lifelike and convincing, then animating them with fury and power, and finally positioning them to wait in the wings for just the right moment to pounce, to draw the curtains and spring them on yourself in a perfect ambush.

You do this, sometimes falling prey to their onslaught, other times fervently fighting them off, swinging your sword so gloriously in a theater of your own making for the audience of one – and for whomever else that happens to have wondered into your life, watching reluctantly from the front row, not sure if to help or flee.

Wrapped in the excitement of the battle, the beautiful tragedy of self-defeat, or the ecstatic glory of victory, you barely notice as the bodies of these slain chance spectators fall around you, unprepared, unarmed and outmatched against your demons, nothing more to you now than mere set dressing, props of lifeless bodies lying still in trickling crimson pools.


3 thoughts on “Enemies

  1. Procrastination, self-doubt and perfectionism. Check, check and check.
    I guess that these golems… of mind…. are always powered by our own personal thoughts and (re)actions. It is we… who are giving them their fuel. (and by “we” i of course.. most royally mean… “me”…. 😉 (and—after all—what’s these letters (“w” and “m”) if not the same goshdarn letter only flipped ower….))


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