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Inspiration: Gyromancy

Gyromancy — 1557, from Medieval Latin gyromantia, from Greek gyyros “circle” + manteia “divination, oracle.”

“A method of divination by walking in a circle until the person fell down from dizziness, the inference being drawn from the place in the circle at which he fell.”

And more from Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay:

  • Stareomancy, or Divining by the elements;
  • Aeromancy, or Divining by the air;
  • Pyromancy, by Fire;
  • Hydromancy, by water;
  • Geomancy, by earth;
  • Theomancy, pretending to divine by revelation of the Spirit, and by the Scriptures, or word of God;
  • Daemonomancy, by the suggestion of evill daemons or Devills;
  • Idolomancy, by Idolls, Images, Figures;
  • Psychomancy, by mens souls, affections, wills, religious or moral dispositions;
  • Antinotomancy, by the entrails of men, women or children;
  • Theriomancy, by Beasts;
  • Ornithomancy, by Birds;
  • Icthyomancy, by Fishes;
  • Botanomancy, by herbs;
  • Lithomancy, by Stones;
  • Cleromancy, by lotts;
  • Oniromancy, by dreams;
  • Onomatomancy, by Names;
  • Arithmancy, by numbers;
  • Logarithmancy, by Logarithmes;
  • Strenomancy, from the breast to the belly;
  • Gastromancy, by the sound of, or signes upon the belly;
  • Omphelomancy, by the navell;
  • Chiromancy, by the hands;
  • Paedomancy, by the feet;
  • Onychomancy, by the nailes;
  • Chephaleomancy, by the braysing of an Asses head;
  • Tuphramancy, by ashes;
  • Capromancy, by smoak;
  • Livanomancy, by the burning of Frankincence;
  • Carromancy, by melting of Wax;
  • Lecanomancy, by a basin of water;
  • Catoxtromancy, by looking-glasses;
  • Cartomancy, by writing in papers;
  • Macharomancy, by knives or swords;
  • Chrystallomancy, by glasses;
  • Dactylomancy, by rings;
  • Coseinomancy, by seives;
  • Axinomancy, by sawes;
  • Cattabomancy, by vessells of brasse, or other metal;
  • Roadomancy, by starres;
  • Spatalamancy, by skins, bones, excrements;
  • Sciomancy, by shadowes;
  • Astragalamancy, by dice;
  • Osnomancy, by wine;
  • Sycomancy, by figgs;
  • Typomancy, by the coagulation of cheese;
  • Alphitomancy, by meal, flour, or branne;
  • Crithomancy, by grain, or corn;
  • Alectromancy, by Cocks, or Pullen;
  • Gyromancy, by rounds or circles;
  • Lampadomancy, by candles and Lamps;
  • Necromancy, by inspecting, consulting or divining by, with or from the dead.

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